M&L Carports LLC
Regular Garage

Comes with a roof that has a more rounded look. It offers reliable protection from UV exposure, rain, and other elements. It's roof panels are aligned horizontally.

A-Frame Garages

Can be built with horizontal panels, vertical roof panels, and side panels, making customization simple and easy. Also the roofs do not have seams and the vertical style leads to natural run-off of water and snow.

Vertical  Garages

Are stronger than the regular roof or A-Frame garages. They offer both greater capacity for holding up a load, like a foot of snowfall, and resistance against the shearing and lifting forces of storm winds.

Metal Workshop

A metal work shop is bigger than the metal garages and they are built with vertical metal sheets. They are certified for 35lbs of snow load and 140mph of wind. Can be customized as the clients liking.

( 32-40 Wide ) the bows are 12 in thick (40-60) bows are 18 in thick